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Baby Carrot | All Homemade Halloween Costumes

Baby Carrot

Some kids are terrified of vegetables, but this baby carrot costume brings a less frightening approach to Halloween.


  • template
  • orange and green felt
  • bib
  • masking tape
  • black marker
  • pacifier
  • headband
  • ribbon
  • pipe cleaners
  • adult-size socks pulled over shoes and tied with ribbon around ankles


Baby Carrot Sep 1

Carrot and bib: Cut a piece of orange felt (we used 1/3 yard) into a carrot shape. Trim the top of the carrot to fit beneath the bib as shown and attach it to the back of the bib with masking tape. Add details to the front of the carrot with a black marker.

Finishing touches: Cut out leaves from green felt using our free template, attach them to pipe cleaners with tacky glue, and wrap them around a headband.

String a pacifier onto a piece of ribbon to complete the costume.