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A Stable Environment

A Stable Environment

Total Time Needed: Weekend Project

A barn-style loft bed and equine murals make this blue-ribbon bedroom a horse-lover's dream come true.


  • Poster
  • Wood
  • Salvaged hardware
  • Rope
  • Paint
  • Fabric
  • Roofing tin
  • Blanket
  • Leather


A Stable Environment - Step 1

To create a mural, enlarge a horse poster at a copy shop and "trace" it onto the wall by sticking pins through it, then paint in the details with acrylics.

Build the loft bed from rough-sawn oak, oriented strand board, and salvaged hardware. The stall bars are metal conduit fit into strips of wood.

Sew a duvet cover by using horse-themed fabric and edge the board under the mattress with a leather rein. Beneath the bed, a small bench, a bulletin board, and a light, can be used as a quiet space where your child can play.

A Stable Environment - Step 4

For the ceiling, screw old roofing tin to the eaves over the bed. Cover the panels on the existing bedroom and closet doors and paint them with white X's for a barn door look. Add decorative plaques made from rough lumber painted with Rust-Oleum.

For the window treatment, hang hickory saplings by using leather loops and cut pieces from an Indian-print saddle blanket and tie to the branches with rope.

A Stable Environment - Step 6

Add a sawhorse, cover it with a large stuffed horse, and top it with a saddle pad and saddle borrowed from a barn. A cabinet, which can be built from the same wood and hardware as the bed, can showcase a collection of toy horses.