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Cupcake Cakes: Rad Robot

Cupcake Cakes: Rad Robot

Take me to your eaters! Engineered from gummy rings, M&M's, chocolate doughnuts, and other sweets, this edible android is ready to party. The assembly will take some time, but it makes a fun team project for budding bakers. We used foil cupcake liners to create our shiny specimen.


  • 18 cupcakes
  • 1 (16-ounce) can of vanilla frosting
  • dark-chocolate frosting
  • food coloring (orange, blue)
  • 4 square cookies (we used Lorna Doones)
  • 2 graham crackers
  • blue sugar
  • mini chocolate doughnuts
  • gummy rings (orange, yellow)
  • 2 blue-lollipop sticks
  • Junior Mints
  • M&Ms
  • mini M&Ms
  • candy fruit slice


From a 16-ounce can of vanilla frosting, spoon 1/3 cup into a ziplock bag, tint 1-1/2 cups with orange food coloring, and tint the rest blue. Place 1/2 cup dark-chocolate frosting in a ziplock bag.

Use a serrated knife to diagonally halve 4 square cookies (we used Lorna Doones). Snap 2 graham crackers into four rectangles each.

Apply blue frosting to 5 cupcakes (you'll need a total of 18), 5 square cookies, and 1 graham cracker piece, and coat all but the cupcakes with blue sugar.

Apply orange frosting to 11 cupcakes, 4 graham cracker pieces, and the cookie triangles, and coat all but the cupcakes with orange sugar. Apply white frosting to 2 cupcakes and roll their edges in blue sugar.

Arrange all the prepared pieces in place as shown. Press a mini chocolate doughnut in place for each eye and wheel. Cut a wedge from two more doughnuts and add them as claws.

Halve 7 yellow and 6 orange gummy rings and press them into place where shown. Thread orange and yellow gummies onto 2 blue-lollipop sticks, then insert one above each eye.

Snip a corner from each frosting bag. Use the vanilla to attach Junior Mint pupils and blue M&M wheel centers. Use the chocolate frosting to attach candy buttons and gauges (we used mini M&Ms, gummy rings,and a candy fruit slice), then pipe on bolts and other details, as shown.


Great for science- or outer-space themed parties.

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