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Bagel Critters Recipe | Hearty Snacks

Bagel Critters Recipe | Hearty Snacks

Total Time Needed:

30 Minutes or less

Let kids turn bagels, cream cheese, and assorted toppings into an edible zoo. This playful recipe also works well as an activity and quick lunch at a birthday party.


  • Bagels, sliced
  • Cream cheese, softened
  • Assorted toppings, such as baby carrots (grated or whole), cherry tomato halves, sliced black olives, sliced bell peppers (red, green, or yellow), poppy seeds, cucumber rounds, minced chives, and crunchy Chinese noodles


Spread the cream cheese on the cut bagels (going gently over the hole).

Set out bowls of vegetables and crunchy noodles and let the kids turn the bagels into animal or monster faces, like this royal lion with olive nose and eyes, a crunchy noodle mane and whiskers, poppy seed freckles, and a pepper crown.