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Blogger Attribute for HTML Tag

Each Blogger theme has different feature that are defined in the <html> tag. This will make different behavior in the Layout Section tab and in the HTML Editor.

Blogger HTML Attribute List

  • b:layoutsVersion or b:version
  • b:defaultwidgetversion
  • b:css
  • b:js

Define Layouts version

The attributes b:version or b:layoutsVersion define the version of Layouts. The value must be "2" or "3". If one of these attributes is not mentioned, the version number will be "1". Each version has its own characteristics. For example, in the version "3" mobile views option is disabled since is designed to Responsive template which work on both mobile and desktop view.

Define Gadget Version

The attribute b:defaultwidgetversion is used to determine the version of the gadget being used.

There are 2 versions of gadgets: "1" and "2". When gadget version is not mentioned, the version of the gadget is 1. Each version has a default XML code and a different data dictionary that used. Version "1" gadgets works with layouts version "1" and "2", while the version "2" of gadgets only works with layouts version "3".

Example Defining Layout and Widget Version


Layout Version 1 & Widget Version 1


Layout Version 2 & Gadget Version 1

<html b:version='2'>

Layout Version 3 Gadget Version 2

<html b:layoutsVersion='3' b:defaultwidgetversion='2'>

Disable or Enable Blogger Bundle CSS files

Blogger has default CSS that is automatically loaded if the page is in view. These is list of known default CSS.

  • authorization.css
  • id-css_bundle_version.css

The attribute b:css come to disable or enable CSS bundle. If value set to 'false', the CSS bundle not injected to our Blog. If the attribute is not mentioned its mean value is 'true'.


<html b:css='false'>

Disable Blogger Default Javascript files

The attribute is b:js used to control the availability of javascript files in the theme. They are two known Javascript added by default in our Blog if page is loaded.

  • inline rearrange widget javascript
  • id-widget.js

Default value is 'true', so if not mentioned in HTML tag, it will loaded automatically. To disable, just type 'true' as value.


<html b:js='false'>

By disable this Javascript this will also affect to Layout Manager causing its not work as always. So, enable before go to layout manager.