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Blogger Attribute Intro

Each Blogger tag "b:" can have one or more attribute. These attributes are an additional element to give Blogger Expression. An attribute either modifies the default functionality of an element type or provides functionality to certain element types.

Blogger Expression

Attributes for Blogger Tag are designed to work with Blogger Language, and the value can be:

  • String, written with quotes ( "example" ).
  • Boolean, written without quotes ( true ).
  • Number, written without quotes ( 3725 ).
  • Object of items, written with braces ( { item1: "example", item2: "example" } ).
  • Array of items, written with square brackets ( ["example","example","example"] ).
  • An Blogger data ( data:foo ).
  • An Blogger Expression Operation.

An HTML tag attribute can also be converted to a Blogger Expression attribute by adding the prefix expr: to the attribute [Learn More].

List of Blogger tags Attributes

Attribute nameTags to which it appliesDescription
class<b:section>Class of the tag
cond<b:attr> <b:class> <b:elseif> <b:if> <b:include> <b:section> <b:tag> <b:widget>Condition of execution
data<b:includable> <b:include>Give data as Alias
expr<b:eval>Expression attribute
id<b:includable> <b:section> <b:widget>Give id
index<b:loop>Table index
locked<b:widget>Lock the gadget position
maxwidgets<b:section>The maximum number of gadgets in the section
mobile<b:widget>Allow gadget view on mobile view
name<b:attr> <b:class> <b:include> <b:section> <b:tag>Reference name
<b:param> <b:widget-setting>Reference name
<b:message>Give message or notation
preferred<b:section>Indicating the main section of the blog
render<b:comment>Show in HTML rendering
reverse<b:loop>Reverses the result in the loop
showaddelement<b:section>Allow adding gadget
title<b:widget>Widget title
type<b:defaultmarkup> <b:widget>Type of widget
value<b:attr> <b:case> <b:param>Value for the tag
<b:with>Value of the new container
values<b:loop>Value of the table
var<b:includable> <b:loop> <b:with>Name of the container
<b:switch>Value to be switched
version<b:widget>The version of the widget
visible<b:widget>Allow gadget to be displayed