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Easy Sew DIY: Tic Tac Toe On the Go

Easy Sew DIY: Tic Tac Toe On the Go

This beginning sewing project comes together in minutes and makes a great gift for anyone who travels with kids. The felt Tic-Tac-Toe game board doubles as a pouch for storing the game pieces. It's lightweight, easy to stash into your purse, and makes a perfect quiet busy activity for waiting rooms, restaurants, and long road trips alike!

Download Easy Sew DIY: Tic-Tac-Toe On the Go Template

by Marigold Haske

What you'll need

  • (2) squares of 7"x7" felt
  • (2) more pieces of felt in different colors, at least 4"x6" each
  • Thread in contrasting and matching colors
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Marking chalk
  • PDF template

How to make it

Mark the game board

1. On one piece of 7"x7" square felt, use chalk to lightly mark the where you will sew the tic-tac-toe board lines. The placement of the lines are shown on the PDF pattern. Each line is 2.5" in from the closest parallel edge, and .5” in from the perpendicular edges.

Sew on the tic-tac-toe lines

2. Load your sewing machine with thread that contrasts the color of the game board. Sew straight lines over the tic-tac-toe board lines you just marked, remembering to backstitch at the beginning and end of each line. You may want to use a thicker thread or a triple stitch to make the stitch line extra thick.

Load your sewing machine with thread that matches the color of the game board. Place the game board piece you just made face up on top of the second piece of 7”x7” felt. Sew three of the sides 1/4” or less from the edge, leaving one end open to make a pouch. 

Xs and Os

3. Cut out five (5) X pieces from one of the remaining pieces of felt, and five (5) O pieces from the final piece of felt. You can store the game pieces inside the game board pouch.