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The Lilliputian Kids Holiday Card

The Lilliputian Kids Holiday Card

Transform your holiday family photo from a still life study to a dazzling display of unexpected illusions. Kids, grown-ups, and "Stuart Little" fans in particular will appreciate this sleight-of-eye picture. And for a fun variation, try an open gift box or a festive-looking drum instead of ski boots.

by Frederick G. Levine

What you'll need

  • Ski boots
  • Photograph
  • Glue
  • Textured handmade paper or construction paper

How to make it

The Lilliputian Kids - Step 1

1. Getting the Shot: Place the boots in the foreground and have your subjects stand in the background, ideally on an incline, as shown. For the best angle, lie on your belly to take this picture. Angle the shot so you can't see inside the boots — that will kill the illusion. Move the camera up and down until the subjects appear to be sticking up out of the boots — and if you like, tilt the camera to make it look as if they're skiing downhill.

The Lilliputian Kids - Step 2

2. Making the Card: We glued the photo to textured handmade paper (available at craft stores), but construction paper works too. Make the decorative torn edges by painting each edge you want to rip with water. While the edge is still wet, tear it gently along a ruler.