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Princess Jasmine Costume

Princess Jasmine Costume

Total Time 1 to 2 weeks Ages 5 to 8

Every year I make my granddaughter her costume. So far we've done Cinderella, Tinker Bell, Little Mermaid, Esmerelda and Jasmine. I bought the fabric and jewels at Fabricland and just sewed to the best of my ability. The pants have an overlay of sheer fabric, with jewels along the bodice. I made the crown out of my imagination.

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By Donnacino

What you'll need

  • Specialty fabrics with matching jewels
  • Gypsy outfit pattern
  • Cardboard
  • Glue-on jewels
  • Wig
  • Scrunchy
  • Shoes of your choice


Prep Time: Approximately 1 week

How to make it

  1. I chose specialty fabrics with matching jewels (I think they were for curtains actually).
  2. I used a McCall's pattern for a gyspy outfit that also had pants.
  3. The crown was made out of the cardboard. I bent it to shape, covered it with the same fabric, and glued a jewel on the front.
  4. I bought a cheap wig and tied it with a scrunchy made from the same fabric.
  5. We found the shoes at a secondhand store.