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Mini Grill Flowerpot Craft

Mini Grill Flowerpot Craft

We bought our mini charcoal grill several years ago, and while my thirst for great BBQ never waned, we've only used the little guy a handful of times. Sitting idle on the front porch, it was literally collecting dust (this is Los Angeles - there IS dust in the air). Pondering whether or not to get rid of the grill, I realized that it was the ideal flowerpot. There's plenty of room for soil, the dampers on the bottom allow water to drain, and it's already getting plenty of sun.

This is a simple project, and it adds color and folksy charm to your garden or front step. My guess is that kids will get a kick out of it, too - as long as they don't think you're having daisies for dinner.

Flowerpot Pencils

Mosaic Flowerpots

by Gregory Sidor

How to make it

Mini Grill Flowerpot - Step 1

1. Thoroughly clean your grill. I found that moist cleaning wipes were able to get rid of most of the grease and gristle. Open the bottom dampers (holes) to allow water to drain. You may want to remove the ash tray below.

2. After removing the grilling surface itself, add the appropriate amount of soil for whatever you're planting. Plant seeds as directed on the package.

3. Replace the metal grill. This will allow the plants to grow through the grating for extra effect. If you decided to transplant flowers, you may opt to leave the grill off.

NOTE: Putting soil and water into your grill may result in rust or corrosion. This craft should be done with a grill that you don't intend to use for cooking any longer.