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Striped Ice Cubes: A Fun and Fruity Summer Treat

Striped Ice Cubes: A Fun and Fruity Summer Treat

By Elizabeth Stark

Striped ice cubes are a simple, fun treat that kids will love. Get children involved in learning about freezing and texture by having them make their own cubes. Whether for a party, or just an everyday treat, these striped ice cubes bring an unexpected pop of color and juicy flavor to summer drinks.

A note on the recipe: I used pomegranate juice which is very sweet, and due to the sweetness it does not come to a hard freeze. For an icier cube (though less colorful) make a mixture of half water and half juice, or use a less sweet juice such as apple or tart cherry. Each juice will have a unique texture, so experimentation is key.

A colorful juice will quickly add a burst of color to plain water or seltzer, or can be combined with other drinks, like ginger ale, for a treat.

Striped Ice Cubes

makes one tray of ice


  • approximately 1 cup juice (we used Pomegranate)
  • approximately 1/2 cup water


  1. Depending on the exact size of your tray, you may need more or less liquid, but I needed roughly 1/2 cup per layer for 3 layers.
  2. Clean and dry your favorite ice cube tray. Pour a roughly 1/3″ layer of juice into the tray. Freeze for 3 hours. Remove tray and pour in a 1/3″ layer of water or another contrasting juice, and freeze for another 3 hours. Finally add another 1/3″ layer of juice, and freeze overnight for optimal curing.
  3. To serve, gently twist ice cube tray and gently remove ice cubes.