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Pascal Party Blowers Craft

Pascal Party Blowers Craft

Ages 5 to 8

Pascal, Rapunzel's colorful chameleon companion, has a long, pink tongue that can extend inches from his mouth. He even uses it to tickle Flynn's ear and wake him up. These party blowers let kids imagine that they have their own long, curly Pascal tongues. Use craft foam to create Pascal, then blow on the party blower and watch his pink "tongue" unfurl!

Preschool Game Idea: Pascal's Mood Charades

Preschoolers love to explore moods, and Pascal's very apparent mood changes make for a great introduction to simple facial expressions, like happy, sad and angry.

Have kids sit in a circle. Set up a parent out of view of the kids; give that parent a bag of Pascal party blowers. One at a time, each child takes a turn visiting the hidden parent and reaches into the bag to take a party blower. Once the child has picked a blower, ask him to name the mood that Pascal is in. Now, ask the child to make his own happy, sad, or angry face to match. For example, a blue Pascal is sad, and the child will need to mimic a sad face. Once the child is ready, have him return to the circle and make his "mood" face. The other kids will guess which mood he is demonstrating.

Download Pascal Party Blowers Template

by Miranda Becker

What you'll need

  • Pascal Party Blowers template
  • Adhesive-backed craft foam (green, blue, red, white, and yellow)
  • 6 party blowers with pink ends (party blowers should be at least 4 inches long)
  • Scissors
  • Black marker (a permanent marker works best)

How to make it

1. Print the template and cut out the pieces.

2. Trace the templates onto the paper side of the colored adhesive-backed foam.

3. When cutting out Pascal's head, trace the template onto the craft foam and cut it out. For the second side of Pascal's head, use the cut foam head as the template instead of the paper. Place the paper-backed side of the head against the paper-backed side of the foam and trace around it. This will ensure that the adhesive sides of the head will match.

Pascal Party Blowers step 4

4. Each Pascal party blower will require two heads (cut from the green, blue, or red foam), two eyes (cut from the white foam), and two inner-eyes (cut from the yellow foam).

5. The red and the blue Pascal party blowers require eyelids. Simply use the eye template to cut circles from the red and blue craft foam and then cut them in half, creating two half-circle eyelids.

6. Once you have all of your pieces cut, remove the adhesive backing from the yellow circles and place them onto the white circles. Remove the backing from the white circles and place these on Pascal's head. Tilt the eyelids down for angry, red Pascal. Lay the eyelids straight for sad, blue Pascal.

Pascal Party Blowers step 7

7. Now draw the details using the black marker. Add a mouth, pupils, and eyebrows.

Pascal Party Blowers step 8

8. Remove the adhesive backing from one side of Pascal's head. Lay the party blower on the adhesive with the pink end hanging off the foam.

Pascal Party Blowers step 9

9. Remove the adhesive backing from the second half of Pascal's head and carefully lay that on top of the blower. Press to seal the adhesive around the blower. Trim to even any un-matched foam around Pascal's head.