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DIY Drink Umbrella Wreath Craft

DIY Drink Umbrella Wreath Craft

This do-it-yourself "Drink Umbrella" wreath by Stephanie Richter from Anna and Blue Paperie is a super fast, super cute, and super inexpensive craft.  It would make a great project for parties and women's or children's groups.  And it's perfect for luaus and summer party activities.  Have fun!

by Jillian Tohber Leslie

What you'll need

  • Polystyrene or styrofoam wreath
  • Package of cocktail umbrellas (about 40 per 10-inch wreath; available at hobby, craft, dollar & other stores)
  • White glue
  • Utility scissors
  • Large sewing needle, or thin knitting needle, or bamboo skewer (optional but helpful)
  • Ribbon or strip(s) of fabric, with sufficient length and width to cover your wreath (optional)
  • Pins, staples, hot glue (optional to attach ribbon)

Helpful Tip:

Display your wreath indoors, away from sources of humidity, wind, or harsh sunlight. Drink umbrellas are not water, wind, or fade-proof!

How to make it

  1. Optional: With staples, pins, or hot glue gun, affix one end of the ribbon to the underside of your wreath at a slight angle, then wrap your wreath entirely around with the ribbon in a series of spiral movements. Wrap it as tightly as you ca, without dislodging the ribbon elsewhere.  Fasten the final edge underneath the wreath. If needed, affix the ribbon in a few places around the wreath, to keep it from slipping later on.
  2. With utility scissors, snip about half of the toothpick "umbrella handles" off, leaving enough of them to stick well into the wreath, but not so much that they poke out the other side. 
  3. If you like, poke starter holes in the wreath using a needle or skewer to keep your umbrella "handles" from snapping.  
  4. Insert your umbrellas into the wreath beginning with the inside/center, and moving around and outward. Or you could do the center, then the outside edge, and finally place the center umbrellas on top.  To keep the umbrellas in place, add a drop of glue in each hole before inserting your umbrellas.
  5. You can use all the colors, as shown, or feature only specific ones if you like.  Overlap your umbrellas however you like - use a consistent pattern, randomly place umbrellas, or feature certain colors.  You can also vary their size and verticality by altering how "open" they are.  Up to you! 
  6. Double-check for exposed patches of wreath.  Keep in mind that random colors and placements can help to cover the entire wreath while adding to its colorfully creative impact.
  7. If you like, attach a loop of ribbon or string, for hanging. Or, you can hang the wreath on a hook and/or with damage-free adhesive.