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Starched T-Shirt Ghost Craft

Starched T-Shirt Ghost Craft

Who says all ghosts will scare you stiff? This friendly little ghoul will make an adorable Halloween door or wall decoration--all it takes is a few simple steps.

by Amanda Formaro

What you'll need

  • White T-shirt material
  • Fabric stiffener or starch
  • Wax paper
  • 1 craft stick
  • 6" x 4" piece of black craft foam
  • Glitter glue
  • Scissors
  • Orange, black and pink paint
  • Pink, black or purple glitter felt, small scrap for bow tie
  • Craft wire, about 30"
  • Hot glue gun

Helpful Tip:

  1. Instead of T-shirt material, try an old sheet or pillow case.
  2. Stiffener is available near the glue in a craft supply store.
  3. If you don't have any craft foam, you can use cardstock or construction paper.
  4. How to make it
  5. Lay T-shirt material onto the work surface. Use a marker, pen or pencil to draw a ghost shape.
  6. Cut the ghost shape out, cut within the inside of the lines so that you won't have any pen marks showing on your finished ghost.
  7. Lay two pieces of wax paper side by side and tape them together. Turn over.
  8. Place some liquid stiffener into a glass bowl and dip the ghost shape into the liquid.
  9. Squeeze out most of the excess liquid and place the wet (but not dripping) ghost onto the wax paper.
  10. Spread the ghost out flat and then scrunch it up slightly with your fingers to create wrinkles and lumps and bumps. Set aside to dry completely.
  11. Cut a design around the edges of the black foam rectangle. We used triangles with little curves here and there.
  12. Use a pen or pencil to write "Trick or Treat!" onto the black foam.
  13. Use the glitter glue to trace the words and set aside to dry completely.
  14. Paint the craft stick with orange paint and let dry.
  15. Cut a bow tie out of glittery felt and glue it to the ghost.
  16. Use a pen to lightly add eyes and a mouth, then trace with the handle end of a paint brush with black paint.
  17. Dip the bristles of a paint brush into pink paint. Dab off excess onto paper towel, you want the brush to be fairly dry. Next, use the brush to create rosy cheeks for the ghost. Set aside to let facial features dry.
  18. Glue the orange stick to the back of the black foam creating your sign.
  19. Wrap craft wire around a pencil. Slip the wrapped wire off the end of the pencil and gently stretch out the coils.
  20. Poke each end of the wire through the shoulder areas of the ghost and twist ends around themselves. This will be your hanger.
  21. Hot glue the "Trick or Treat" sign to the front of the ghost.