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Spruced-Up Gold Cans Craft

Spruced-Up Gold Cans Craft

Aluminum soda or sparkling water cans can be found in almost any household’s trash bins. Take an old can and turn it into a spotlight-worthy vase to showcase some fresh flowers!

by Jennifer Brandt

What you'll need

  • Aluminum cans
  • Adhesive glue spray
  • Scissors
  • Gold Mylar/burlap

How to make it

  1. Remove the labels from the can.
  2. To measure the amount of material needed to cover the can, simply roll the material around.
  3. Cut around the bottom to take off the excess pieces.
  4. On a covered surface, turn and spray the can.
  5. Wrap the piece of cut material around the can. Press down on the edges.
  6. Spray the bottom of the can and fold over the material hanging off.
  7. Repeat steps above if you want the can fully covered for more texture and sparkle!
  8. Fill the can with water. Cut your favorite bright flowers and place them in the cans!