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Spooky Thumbprints Craft

Spooky Thumbprints Craft

Total Time 30 minutes or less Ages all-ages

Your child and her friends are sure to give a thumbs-up to these silly and easy-to-make Halloween critters.

What you'll need

  • Nontoxic rubber stamp pad
  • Card stock
  • Fine point markers

How to make it

Spooky Thumbprints - Step 1

1. To make them, just help your child press her thumb onto a nontoxic rubber stamp pad (black for spiders and bats, orange for pumpkins), then onto a piece of heavy paper or card stock.

2. Add small dots of white acrylic paint (we used a dull pencil to apply it) for bat and spider eyes.

3. Let the ink and paint dry before using fine-point markers to add pupils, legs, wings, stems, and other features and details.