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Snow White Princess Craft Snow White's Crown

Snow White Princess Craft Snow White's Crown

Ages 5 to 8

As the story goes, a beautiful queen sat in front of an open window watching the snow fall while doing her stitching. After a time, she happened to prick her skin with the needle, and she marveled at how dazzling the drops of blood that fell from her finger appeared on the snow below. At that moment, she longed for a child who had skin as white as snow and rosy red lips. When her daughter was born, the queen realized her wish had been granted and she named the newborn Snow White. Studded with ruby red gems, this sparkly white crown is specially designed with that fair young princess in mind.

Download Snow White's Crown Template

by Cindy Littlefield

What you'll need

  • Snow White's Crown template
  • Scissors
  • White glitter felt (the kind that's stiff)
  • Hot glue gun
  • 5 red acrylic gems
  • 2 red or maroon pipe cleaners
  • Cloth-covered headband

How to make it

  1. Print out the crown template and cut it out. Use it as a pattern to cut out two matching crown shapes from the white glitter felt. Glue the two crown shapes together with the glitter sides facing out.
  2. Glue the gems to the face of the crown, centering them in the upper points.
  3. Trim the pipe cleaners to the same length as the lower edge of the crown and then glue them to the felt, as shown, using enough glue to secure them well.
  4. Now glue the lower edge of the crown to the headband, starting in the center and working your way out to the ends.