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Crow and Corn Beanbag Toss Craft

Crow and Corn Beanbag Toss Craft

Total Time 1 hour

Fall is the perfect time to be outside. The weather is cooler but still comfortable, so celebrate by making this whimsical game featuring crow and corn cob beanbags!

by Amanda Formaro

What you'll need

  • Large sheet of white poster board
  • Large box
  • Craft knife
  • Paint: yellow, black, brown, red, white, gray
  • 2 sheet dark green felt
  • ½ sheet yellow felt
  • ½ sheet tan felt
  • 3 rubber bands
  • 3 fold and close sandwich bags
  • 1 1/2 cups of dried beans
  • Felt glue
  • Clear shipping or packaging tape

Helpful Tip:

1. Instead of paint, you can create your crow with colored construction paper. 2. Old t-shirts and socks can also make great bean bags. 3. Instead of beans you can use rice.

How to make it

Crow and Corn Beanbag Toss step 1

1. For the bean bags Cut yellow felt into ½" wide strips, and then cut strips into ½" squares.

Crow and Corn Beanbag Toss step 2

2. Fold both green felt sheets in half width-wise, like a greeting card, and then cut on the crease. Keep three pieces for this project and save the extra piece for a future craft.

3. Line one short side and one long side of the green felt with felt glue. Fold the sheet over like a greeting card.

Crow and Corn Beanbag Toss step 4

4. You should have one open end. Repeat this step for all three green sheets and set them aside to dry.

5. Place ½ cup of beans into each sandwich bag. Shift beans to corner of bag and twist the top closed. Fold the closed end over onto itself and secure with a piece of tape. Repeat for each bag.

Crow and Corn Beanbag Toss step 6

6. When green felt bags are dry, gently turn them inside out. Insert a bag of beans inside each bag.

7. Line each bag with three columns of felt glue and dot on the yellow felt squares. Let dry.

8. Cut the tan felt into thin strips, about ¼" wide, then cut all the strips in half.

Crow and Corn Beanbag Toss step 9

9. Cut small slits in the open end of the bag, about ½" down.

10. Place bags on work surface, "corn kernel" side up, dab some glue inside the bag openings. Glue in the tan strips of felt (corn silk), about 5 or 6 per bag. Trim the tops of the tan strips so that about 2" remain sticking out of the bag top. Let dry.

11. Gather the top of the bag together and secure tightly with a rubber band. Fold the flaps (the slits you cut in the bag tops earlier) down to hide the rubber band.

12. For the crow box Tape cardboard box closed. An adult should cut a large hole in the center of the box.

13. Place poster board on top of box, covering the hole. Tape the bottom of the poster board to the box to hold it secure.

14. Cut a hole in the poster board using a craft knife, over the top of the hole in the box.

Crow and Corn Beanbag Toss step 15

15. Secure the rest of the poster board to the box using shipping tape, fold corners if needed.

16. Using a pencil, draw a beak around the hole in the poster board, then add eyes above the beak and draw the outline of a head. Draw on a simple bow tie.

Crow and Corn Beanbag Toss step 17

17. Paint the crow black, eyebrows gray, eyes brown, beak yellow and bow tie red. Use the handle end of a paint brush to add white polka dots to bow tie. Let all paint dry.