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Coffee Filter Thanksgiving Bouquet Craft

Coffee Filter Thanksgiving Bouquet Craft

Ages school-age

by Amanda Formaro

These easy Thanksgiving bouquet flowers will look gorgeous on your Thanksgiving table. All dressed up in fall colors, your relatives will rave about your artistic abilities!

What you'll need

  • Basket coffee filters
  • Paper plate
  • Watercolor paints: brown, orange, red, yellow, green
  • Chenille stems: brown, orange, green, red

helpful tip:

1. No two coffee filters will look the same. Thin watercolors to make lighter shades and use thicker amounts for bolder shades. 2. You can speed dry the coffee filters by laying them in a sunny window or blow drying them. 3. Make your own designs by experimenting with different cuts and shapes. 4. When finished, consider planting your "flowers" in our candy corn luminary container.

How to make it

  1. Flatten coffee filter onto work surface (place some scratch paper or newspaper underneath).
  2. Paint coffee filter with watercolor paint. Thin the paint more in some areas to make the color lighter. Use whatever combination of colors you like. Set coffee filters aside to dry.
  3. When filter are dry, cut about 2" off the end of a chenille stem and set both pieces aside.
  4. Insert the large piece of chenille into the center of the coffee filter about 2" in. Hold onto the small end and turn the flower upside down so that the long end of the chenille is sticking up.
  5. Grasp the center of the coffee filter and gather it around the small end of the chenille.
  6. Twist the smaller piece of chenille around the gathered filter to secure the flower in place. Turn the flower back over and fluff the petals as needed.
  7. Bend the short end of the chenille into a ball in the center of the flower.