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Club Penguin Polymer Clay Puffles Craft

Club Penguin Polymer Clay Puffles Craft

Total Time 30 minutes or less

My boys and I agree the most endearing creatures in the world of Club Penguin are those cute and fuzzy little Puffles.  Since my kids and I have been sculpting recently, I thought it might be nice to try creating these little fluffy friends out of bright polymer clay like Fimo or Sculpey. With very few steps you too can have your own tiny, tangible toy. Get creative with your color combinations and facial expressions so each ends up as unique as each member of your family.

by Craig Mackay

What you'll need

  • A smooth working surface
  • wax or butcher paper
  • polymer clay like Fimo or Sculpey - white, black, and whatever base color you want your Puffle to be
  • plastic (non-sharp) clay sculpting tools (you can use craft sticks, toothpicks, plastic cutlery, …etc. Get creative!

Helpful Tip:

If you decide to bake your final result, verify on your packaging whether or not your choice of clay may be put in the oven, and if so follow the directions as all brands vary.

How to make it

Club Penguin Polymer Clay Puffles step 1

1. Create a ball by rolling a lump of clay under your hand in a circular motion against a hard smooth surface.  A good size for the ball should be about the width of a quarter.  Any bigger is fine but will take more clay and any smaller will be difficult to work with. (Some polymer clays stain so be sure to tape down some wax or butcher paper to work on.)

Club Penguin Polymer Clay Puffles step 1

2. Take 2 small pieces of white clay and flatten them to the width and thickness of a dime.  Then overlap and smooth out the seam so they appear to be two conjoined circles and place them on the upper side of the ball as shown.

Club Penguin Polymer Clay Puffles step 3

3. Take tiny black pieces of clay and make 2 little oval shaped pupils that are the same size as each other and place them as shown.  (For a tired or angry expression, cut straight across the top of the white circles and place the black eyes along the top, flat edge of the white half circles.)

4. Use a tool like a plastic knife or toothpick to carve a mouth expression of your choice. (For a tongue add a small piece of clay in the color of your choice)

Club Penguin Polymer Clay Puffles step 5

5. Make 6 to 8 small cones using the base color of clay. These should be placed on the top of your Puffle's head as shown.

Club Penguin Polymer Clay Puffles step 6

6. Now that you're finished you can start on your next one-of-a-kind Puffle! Don't forget to add accessories (hats, beards, etc.) to bring out your Puffle's unique personality.