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Clay Ewok Craft

Clay Ewok Craft

I'm not sure if any other Star Wars creature is more apt to be "craft-ized" than the endearing Ewok.  One part teddy bear, two parts warrior, these loyal little fuzz balls help turn the tide in the great battle between the Rebellion forces and the Galactic Empire.  The Ewok depicted in the photo is none other than the precocious little scout, Wicket W. Warrick who befriended the stranded Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi.  Use different clay colors to create a variety of Ewoks and amass your own adorable army of Endor!

Download Clay Ewok Craft Template

by Craig Mackay

What you'll need

  • polymer clay (i.e. Sculpey, Fimo, etc.) black, brown, orange, tan
  • one toothpick
  • craft knife (optional) <-- Caution!: Only adults may use a craft knife. Take care when using and never leave a craft knife unattended or within reach of a child.


Using different colors of clay and your imagination, you can design your own Ewok!

How to make it

clay ewok craft step 1

1. Print the PDF template, unwrap your clay and cut small pieces approximately the size and shape of the template pieces.

2. Round the arms, body, and feet and attach them together.  In the standing position, squish the body down gently so the feet flatten a bit and your Ewok will be able to stand.  An adult may use a craft knife to cut a small portion of the bottom off at a 90 degree angle to make your Ewok stand flat perfectly stable.

3. Place the flattened, tan face piece on the body as pictured and using the side of a toothpick press lightly on the edge of the face with the pointy end aimed towards the center of the face and repeat in a circular pattern (this texture creates a stylized impression of fur). Add the eyes, nose and the two lip pieces together to form a mouth as shown in the main image and in the PDF.

clay ewok craft step 4

4. Place the flattened headdress with the hole over the face and softly work it down to wrap around the Ewok's head.  There should be a little room between the tan face and the hole in the headdress.  If there isn't, recut the headdress hole a tad bigger.  Place the smaller, tan inner ear shape on the outer ear and press to make each ear two-toned. Press the ears in place on top of the headdress.

clay ewok craft step 5

5. Place the toothpick through the uplifted hand of the Ewok (this can help steady the character) and add a bit of pointy clay to the top as a spearhead if desired.