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Cinderella and Her Family Costume Craft

Cinderella and Her Family Costume Craft

Total Time 2 to 3 hours Ages all-ages

Cinderella was always my most favorite Disney movie, so what better character to be on Halloween (now that I'm a matronly 50ish Disney fan) than the Fairy Godmother! My daughter, who is also a big Disney fan, dressed up as the Wicked Stepmother and the third generation, my granddaughter, was the beautiful Cinderella!

by articfacts from Wellington , OH

What you'll need

Fairy Godmother:

  • 10 yds of Blue Costume Satin
  • 5 yds of Pink Costume Satin
  • Thread
  • Velcro
  • Mrs. Santa Wig
  • Hoop Slip
  • Magic Wand
  • Cinderella Trading Pins
  • Stuffed Gus & Jaq & Pumpkin

Wicked Stepmother:

  • Old Victorian style dress
  • Pink turtleneck
  • Long pink scarf
  • Old Brooch
  • Cane
  • Grey hair spray
  • Cinderella:
  • Dress from Goodwill Store
  • Long white gloves

How to make it

  1. Fairy Godmother: For the Fairy Godmother, I hunted down an easy to sew medieval costume pattern and sewed both the dress with the long flowing sleeves and the matching cape with the Blue Costume Satin following all the included instructions.
  2. I modified the cape to let the sleeves from the dress come through so it looked like the Fairy Godmother's outfit. You couldn't even tell that the sleeves weren't sewn on the cape.
  3. I lined the sleeves and the inside of the hood with Pink Costume Satin.
  4. I added a big pink bow from the left over material and also made shoe covers from material scraps which I velcroed on my tennis shoes.
  5. Since I own a Disney embroidery sewing machine, I embroidered Cinderella's coach and horses on a pink sash that I made out of more scraps and pinned it to the bottom of the dress using all the Cinderella character's trading pins just to add a special touch to the costume.
  6. A Mrs. Santa wig gave the character to the overall effect.
  7. Of course I needed a magic wand, which I picked up at a costume shop along with a hoop slip to make the dress stand out.
  8. And presto, the Fairy Godmother appeared in the mirror right before my eyes! I even brought along Gus and Jaq to make it complete. A pumpkin too, incase I needed a coach to get home in before midnight!
  9. Wicked Stepmother: The Wicked Stepmother's costume consisted of the dress I got married in many years ago that just happened to be just the right color.
  10. We just simply added a pink turtleneck, an old broach, and a long pink scarf to cover her head.
  11. My daughter sprayed her hair grey and fashioned it like Lady Termaine.
  12. And after studying the movie, my husband made the walking cane using a long dowl rod.
  13. Cinderella: Cinderella's dress was purchased at a Goodwill store for a few dollars.
  14. We added the long white gloves.