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Butterfly Netting Canopy Craft

Butterfly Netting Canopy Craft

There’s just something about a canopy above a bed that makes a room feel like a fairy tale. This canopy decorated with fabric butterflies is made with an embroidery hoop, and it goes up in minutes. Now, whether you’re reading in bed or taking a slumber, you’ll be surrounded in style.

What you'll need

  • Embroidery hoop, about 14 inches in diameter
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Sheer curtain panels, or sheer fabric
  • Fabric

How to make it

Butterfly Netting Canopy step 1

1. An embroidery hoop comes in two pieces: an inner hoop that is unbroken, and an outer hoop that comes apart and is then screwed to close and tighten over the inner hoop. Start by gluing three pieces of ribbon, about 20 inches each, to the inner hoop in three different places.

Butterfly Netting Canopy step 2

2. Then tie the three pieces of ribbon together into one knot. You’ll be using this knot to hang it from the ceiling.

Butterfly Netting Canopy step 3

3. Now take the outer hoop and insert the pole pocket of one sheer curtain panel into one end of the embroidery hoop. Remember, the outer hoop comes apart, so you can slide the sheer through it. Do the same with a second sheer curtain panel so you have two in the hoop.

Butterfly Netting Canopy step 4

4. Fit the inner hoop that had the ribbons into the outer loop, and tighten the screws of the outer hoop to secure the two hoops together.

Butterfly Netting Canopy step 5

5. To keep the two hoops from coming apart, take some extra ribbon and tie two bows around the hoops. Look for where the two curtain panels meet on the hoop to find the place where you can tie the two hoops together. 

Butterfly Netting Canopy step 6

6. Cut butterflies out of fabric with scissors. Fold the fabric in half to cut the butterflies so each side looks the same, like you would cut a heart shape.

Butterfly Netting Canopy step 7

7. Glue the fabric butterflies around the netting.

Butterfly Netting Canopy step 8

8. Hang the canopy from the ceiling by hooking the ribbon onto a ceiling hook. Use the kind that can be removed without damaging the paint so that you can move it easily if you need to.