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Best-Dressed Table Legs

Best-Dressed Table Legs

With Halloween around the corner, there’s a chill in the air. So put some socks and shoes on your table legs to keep them nice and toasty warm. This is a fun decorating idea that gives new meaning to the term “table leg.”

What you'll need

  • A table with legs
  • Knee socks (and if they’re Halloween-themed socks, that’s even better)
  • Shoes

How to make it

Best-Dressed Table Legs step 1

1. Unless you have superhuman strength or have a third arm, it helps to do this project with someone else. While your helper lifts the table, slide on a pair of knee socks onto each table leg. You can choose the same style sock for each leg, or have fun and change up the colors and patterns.

Best-Dressed Table Legs step 2

2. Again, have your helper lift up each corner of the table while you slide a shoe into each leg. Choose different shoes to add more color and fun. However, it helps if all four shoes have similar heel heights, so that the table is level when all four shoes are on.

3. Finally, be nice to the table so it doesn’t run away.