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Bathtub Pirate Escape Raft Craft

Bathtub Pirate Escape Raft Craft

Total Time 30 minutes or less Ages all-ages

Thanks to DisneyInfinity for sponsoring this post.

Being a pirate is a dangerous occupation and occasionally will require a quick exit.  Thankfully, you can create an escape raft to sail the bubbly bathtub seas.

This raft works great with the Disney Infinity action figures.  They are waterproof for play, but should ALWAYS be dry when placed on the game base.

by Holly Homer

What you'll need

  • 14 Craft Sticks - Tongue Depressor Size
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Sandwich Bag with Zipper Top
  • Piece of String

How to make it

Bathtub Pirate Escape Raft step 1

1. Fill a zipper top baggie 1/3rd with air using a straw.  

Bathtub Pirate Escape Raft step 2

2. Lay 10 crafts sticks side by side.  Place hot glue on 4 reinforcement sticks to run perpendicular on the underside to hold them together.

Bathtub Pirate Escape Raft step 3

3. Using one piece of string attach the baggie (with the top folded under) to the base of the wooden raft like you would tie a package.  

Bathtub Pirate Escape Raft step 4

4. Time to play!

Raft will float and hold multiple passengers.  Over time, the craft sticks will get saturated and warp, but we found that it would hold together for at least one bath making it a special toy