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Monster Golf Club Cover Craft

Monster Golf Club Cover

Ages 5 to 8

I'm always looking for easy projects my son can make for his dad for Father's Day. The best Father's Day crafts are the ones my husband can really use, so I thought it would be fun for my son to help make a Monster Golf Club Cover for one of his dad's golf clubs. This cover is very easy to make and requires no sewing, so it's easy for kids to put together, and the monster face adds a cute touch.

by Linette Gerlach

What you'll need

  • 1/2 yard fleece or felt
  • small scraps of felt for the monster face
  • glue
  • scissors

Helpful Tip:

If you don't want to make a monster face on your Golf Club Cover you can monogram it, or add the logo of your dad's favorite sports team.

How to make it

1. Cut your fabric so that it measures 24 inches in length by 16 inches wide. Measurements don't have to be exact and may depend on the size of the club you are making the cover for (measurements given here fit a driving iron).

2. Fold your fabric in half so that is now doubled making a rectangle that measures 12-inches by 16-inches. The fold is the top of your Golf Cover and the opening is the bottom.

3. Leave the fabric doubled and make a fringe along each side of your fabric by cut strips that are 4 inches long and 1-inch wide down both sides of the fabric (see photo), these will be your ties to tie the cover together.

Monster Golf Club Cover step 4

4. Once you've cut the strips, knot each pair of strips on both sides of the cover.

5. When you're finished knotting you'll have a Golf Club Cover. You can leave it plain, or add a monster face.

Monster Golf Club Cover step 6

6. To make a monster face, cut out a mouth and eyes from your felt scraps. Here are some tips:

  • The eyes should be about an inch wide, and a little longer (oval shape), with a smaller round center to the eye.
  • Cut the mouth any shape you like and make it between 3 inches to 4 inches wide.
  • It's your monster so make him look as zany as you want. You can even add ears and a nose if you'd like.

7. Glue the eyes and mouth onto the Golf Cover with craft or fabric glue.

8. Once the eyes and mouth are glued on, set the monster aside to dry.

9. Surprise Dad on Father's Day or his birthday with a one of a kind Monster Face Golf Club Cover!