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Make a Moss-covered Monogram for Spring!

Make a Moss-covered Monogram for Spring!

Welcome guests to your home, party, wedding, or other gathering this spring with a lovely, moss-covered monogram! It's something fresh and new, and yet so classic at the same time. Here's how to make your own!

by Jillian Tohber Leslie

What you'll need

  • Cardboard Letter
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Moss Sheets
  • Scissors and/or utility knife
  • Ribbon
  • Silk flower(s) - optional

Helpful Tip:

If you can't find moss sheets - sheets of kraft paper, already covered with moss - you could press down loose bits of dried, decorative moss on your letter (do little bits at a time).

Also, because of the spray adhesive, this is probably best created outdoors. I suggest using disposable cleaning gloves, and laying out newspaper underneath.

How to make it

1. Depending on your letter, you will probably want to first glue your moss sheet to the front of your letter.

2. So, first, lay out sheets of newspaper (or old wrapping paper) on a firm surface.

3. Lay out your moss sheet on top of a clean sheet of newspaper or old wrapping paper.

4. Over another sheet of newspaper, spray adhesive onto the front of your letter, as directed on the packaging.

5. Press the front of your letter firmly onto your moss sheet.

Make a Moss-covered Monogram for Spring!

If your letter is curvy, or has hard-to-reach sides - like a C, S, or G - you'll want to trim off any excess moss from the front of your letter, with scissors or a utility knife, then cut strips of moss paper the width of your letter, to match the sides of your monogram.

Make a Moss-covered Monogram for Spring!

6. If your letter is straight, - like a W or T - then you can either:

  A. Use the excess paper from the front to "wrap" the letter, similarly to how you'd wrap a gift box (as shown), cutting away any excess moss.

  B. Cover the sides with strips - cut from the moss sheets - just like with a curvy letter (see description above).

7. The moss should cover the seams, but if any show, spray a tiny bit of adhesive, and press on any loose moss, onto the seam.

8. Tie your ribbon into a secure bow, leaving the ends quite long. With spray adhesive, glue the two ribbon to the back of your letter.

9. If you like, attach any silk flowers accents, using hot glue, pins, thumbtacks, or small craft nails.

10. Now you're ready to welcome your guests - and the spring season - to your home, festivities, and fun. Enjoy!