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Summer Craft: Spaghetti Yarn Bowl

Spaghetti Yarn Bowl

This loopy bowl is big on groovy color and style, if short on soup-containing ability. It's made by simply laying pieces of glue-soaked yarn onto a ball.


  • Large smooth plastic ball (ours was 14 inches wide)
  • Bowls to hold the ball and glue
  • Yarn or string (we used 240 feet)
  • White glue


1. Rest the ball on top of a bowl to steady it. Cut the yarn into about 80 yard-long pieces. Empty a generous amount of glue into a bowl.

Completed Spaghetti Yarn Bowl

2. Working with one strand at a time, submerge the yarn in the bowl of glue. Squeeze out the excess glue, then drape the yarn onto the top half of the ball, forming squiggles and loops. As you add more strands, cross the previously draped yarn multiple times. Let the glue dry (overnight is good) before lifting the bowl from the ball. Clean the ball with soap and water.