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Snow Tree | Nature Crafts

Snow Tree

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Light up the night with a frosty tree wrapped in twinkling Christmas lights.


  • Snow
  • Beach shovels or kitchen utensils
  • Outdoor Christmas lights
  • Extension cord


  1. Begin by building a tall snowman. Then pack plenty of snow into the contours between the body segments and around the bottom.
  2. With kitchen utensils or beach shovels, trim the sides and top of the whole structure so that it looks like a giant inverted ice cream cone. Smooth the sculpted surface with hands (wear mittens for a really smooth surface).
  3. The last step is to wrap a string of outdoor Christmas lights around the whole tree. Start at the top and end with the plug at the base, where you can connect it to an extension cord that will reach a power source.