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Slam Dunk T-Shirt | T-Shirt Decorations

Slam Dunk T-Shirt

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

Show your little hoops fans this cool printing technique, and you're sure to score points.


  • Shower liner, plastic tablecloth, or newspaper to protect work surface
  • White prewashed and ironed T-shirt
  • Piece of poster board or cardboard big enough to fit inside T-shirt
  • Masking tape
  • Basketball
  • 3-inch-wide sponge brush
  • Orange fabric paint
  • Pencil with eraser


1. Protect a flat work area with a cloth or papers. Slide poster board or cardboard inside the shirt and tape it to your surface.

Slam Dunk T-Shirt - Step 2

2. Let a little air out of the basketball. Find the spot on the ball with the most intersecting lines and use a sponge brush to apply a light, even circle of paint about 6 inches in diameter. Do a test print on paper or a spare shirt to perfect your technique.

Slam Dunk T-Shirt - Step 3

3. When you're ready, press the ball onto the shirt. Repaint the ball for each print. (Tip: If necessary, between prints, trace over the black lines on the ball with a pencil eraser to remove excess paint and get a clearer print.) When you're done, use soap and water to wash off the ball before the paint dries on.