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Skateboard Shelving | All Kids' Room Crafts

Skateboard Shelving

Total Time Needed: 2-3 Hours

Take three skateboards, a blank wall, and a room in need of storage, add one clever mom, and what do you get? If that mom is Rebecca Solimando of Englewood, Colorado, you get a stylish shelving unit that puts your wall to work and looks supercool. Created for her 11-year-old son, Jacob, Rebecca's outside-the-box design inspired our own (with added bike baskets). And if you've got kids who love the fast life, we think it might inspire you too.


  • 3 skateboards (ours were about $9 each at Target)
  • 2 (25-inch) hanging standards and 6 sturdy 6 1/2-inch shelf brackets (about $18 for all; we used the Rubbermaid twin-track system, available at Lowe's, Home Depot, and hardware stores)
  • 6 wall anchors
  • 6 screws that fit in the shelf bracket holes
  • 4 drywall wall clips
  • 2 wire bike baskets (ours were $20 each at Target)


  1. Install the hanging standards with the wall anchors, spacing them so that the shelf brackets will fit inside the skateboard wheels
  2. Attach the brackets to the standards, spacing them as desired to create 3 shelves.
  3. Place the skateboards on the brackets and push a nail through the bracket holes nearest the wall to make a mark on the skateboard for the pilot holes.
  4. Remove the skateboards. Using the nail impressions as guides, drill the pilot holes (being careful not to go all the way through), and then attach the skateboards to the brackets with screws (ours were 2 inches long, but the length depends on the height of your brackets).
  5. Below the shelving unit, mount 4 drywall wall clips to secure the 2 wire bike baskets.