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Seashell Sailboat | Boat & Ship Crafts

Seashell Sailboat

Total Time Needed: 30 Minutes or less

This mini craft takes only a minute or two to assemble, and it's just right for launching in a kiddie pool or bathtub.


  • Small triangle cut from a plastic bag, tablecloth, or other item
  • Thin twig
  • Modeling clay
  • Clean shell


  1. Trim the plastic triangle to resemble a sail. Cut off the very upper tip (this will prevent the top of the sail from flopping over later), then snip a series of tiny openings along the edge where the mast will go.
  2. Thread the twig through the openings. Press a small lump of clay (if you use too much, your boat might not float) into the shell hull and plant the mast firmly into its center.