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Halloween Costumes: Spa Princess Costume

Spa Princess Costume

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Going door-to-door can be a taxing enterprise, so why not let your 'tweenager combine work and relaxation with this spa costume?


  • terry bathrobe
  • hand towel
  • safety pin
  • eye mask
  • green face paint
  • fake nails and eyelashes
  • gift bag
  • comb
  • handheld mirror
  • pair of slippers


  1. First, have her put on a plush terry bathrobe and wrap up her 'do in a hand towel secured with a safety pin and covered with an eye mask.
  2. Press on some fake nails and eyelashes for the full treatment look.
  3. Apply green face paint, leaving an inch around the eyes and mouth for a mask effect.
  4. Have her grab a gift bag, comb, and handheld mirror, put on a pair of slippers, and take a deep, relaxing breath before heading out on the town.