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Crafts: Winged Wonders

Crafts: Winged Wonders

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

What makes these fluttery butterflies so vibrant? Magazine photos!


  • Colorful magazine pages
  • Pipe cleaners


1. For each butterfly, choose 2 colorful magazine pages. Cut out 2 squares, one 5 inches on a side, the other 4.

Winged Wonders - Step 2

2. Starting at one corner, accordion-fold the squares on their diagonals; our folds were 1/4 inch each.

Winged Wonders - Step 3

3. Pinch the center of each folded square. Bend a 12-inch pipe cleaner in half and create a small loop. Arrange the squares in a butterfly shape and center them inside the pipe cleaner.

4. To secure the wings, twist the pipe cleaner above and below the wings and curl the ends for antennae.

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