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Winter Sun Catcher | Outdoor Crafts

Winter Sun Catcher

This eye-catching ornament strikes a festive note as a yard decoration - make it a day or two ahead so it will have plenty of time to freeze. Or make it with friends as a fun project during your cutting-edge skate party. Feel free to improvise with any colorful natural materials you have on hand.


  • Disposable foil pan (we used a rectangular cake pan)
  • One orange cut into rounds
  • A few small pine branches
  • Fresh or frozen cranberries
  • Sturdy twine, cut into 4 lengths (ours were about 2 feet each)


Winter Sun Catcher - Step 1

1. Place the pan on a flat surface. Arrange the orange rounds and pine branches in the pan and add enough water to cover them. Sprinkle on the berries. For the hanging cords, lay one end of each piece of twine in the pan, submerging it at least several inches. Let the pan freeze outside (or place it in the freezer).

2. Remove the ice block from the pan (run warm water over the back if needed) and hang it up outside.