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What Should You Do At Least Once in Your Life

What Should You Do At Least Once in Your Life

When you have a plan, life can be so eventful and enjoyable. There are certain things that you definitely must do before you die. They can help you feel that you're truly making the best of your time. Luckily I have found a list of such things. 

Now, you don't need superpowers to do them and they can enrich your life with unforgettable experiences. So what are you waiting for? Who knows when we will die? So let's do it from today.

Visit a really exotic place. Somewhere you feel like you are on the verge of heaven.

Buy tickets to a music festival, and completely let go yourself!

Run a half marathon.

Go nude swimming!

Learn how to cook your own signature dish that friends and family will be seriously impressed Research your family tree. You never know what discoveries you’ll make

Try bungee jumping or parachuting!

Spend a whole night at a party in an unknown city and dance until dawn

Learn how to make cocktails. At least, how to make your favorite one.

Grab the microphone at a karaoke bar and sing, even if you have stage fright

Try going diving.

What Should You Do At Least Once in Your Life

Get lost in a foreign country. This is often the best part of a trip

Climb a mountain. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Everest

Spend a night or two under the stars

Get in shape

Volunteer for something.

Find someone who will be wholeheartedly dear to you.

Go traveling on your own! It isn’t as scary as it sounds. Try it!

Go to a major sporting event: the World Cup, the Olympics, a national championship.

Rent a holiday home with people you don’t know. You’ll definitely find new friends.