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Umbrella Cookies Recipe

Umbrella Cookies Recipe

Here's a sweet activity to brighten up a rainy day - bake a batch of these cookie pops, then let your kids decorate them with a rainbow of frosting colors.


  • Sugar cookie dough, store-bought or try our Easy Sugar Cookie Dough
  • Cookie sticks (available at craft supply stores)
  • Frosting
  • Food coloring
  • Tube of white icing
  • Bendable straws


1. Roll out the cookie dough into a 1/4-inch-thick disk. Use a plastic cup or round cookie cutter to cut out dough circles.

2. With a knife, cut each circle in half, then scallop the straight edge. Cut raindrop shapes from the dough scraps.

3. Lay cookie sticks on an ungreased cookie sheet and gently press a half-circle of dough on top of each. Place the raindrops on the sheet and bake the cookies according to the recipe directions.

Umbrella Cookies - Step 4

4. Once the cookies have cooled, frost them. Pipe on icing lines and make vertical grooves by dragging a toothpick up to make one groove and down for the next, as shown.

5. For a special presentation, add a colorful handle by trimming a bendable straw and sliding it over the stick.