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Two Crafts in One Box | Homemade Doll Crafts

Two Crafts in One Box

Five-pound boxes of clementines hold more than just fruit - those wooden crates are full of crafty possibilities. We've found that a box makes a perfectly sized table or bed for dolls and plush pals.


  • paint
  • glue gun (an adult's job) or tacky glue
  • wooden beads
  • felt
  • ribbon trim
  • fabric


  1. To make one, first paint the corner posts, then use a glue gun or tacky glue to attach a wooden bead to each one.
  2. Cut felt to cover the crate's bottom and sides, measuring each side panel so that it folds over to cover the interior walls (snip slits to fit it around the corner posts).
  3. Affix the felt and some ribbon trim with more glue. A fabric tablecloth can double as a blanket when the table is turned into a bed. If desired, sew up a little felt pillow for snoozing.