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Turn Your Passion into Profit

Turn Your Passion into Profit

Having a good career one day to earn decent amount of money to lead a better life is what each one of us pursue for. We also want to make a career out of something that we are passionate about so that we will love our work and the work we do will seem like a play rather than actual work. 

But only a few handful of people successfully make a career out of their passion. But not all people who turn passion into a full time job are successful, not all people who do not turn their passion into a job stay unsuccessful. 

So what should we be doing? Passion is something that you love to do like, Dancing, Singing, Photography, Sports and even Coding. But just passion is never enough to lead a successful job out of it. You need to own the skills as well. 

Only when you have passion and skills for something you can achieve greater heights making it a career for yourself. So, turn your passion into profit.

Let’s say Kristina has a passion for dancing. Dancing requires good coordination of your entire body for which a part of your brains responsible for. 

So, by birth few are born with better development of that part of the brain responsible for coordination and rest are not. 

So, if Kristina has a poor coordination but still tries to take dancing as her career she might fail miserably. 

So, when we first discover what we are passionate about, we should be able to self-evaluate ourselves so that we know how well skilled we are regarding it. Later through investing time and hard work we can always improve our skills. But the question we have to ask ourselves:

Are we ready to invest the time it needs?

Is it worth it?

And if the answer turns out to be a “YES”

Then surely nobody will be able to stop you from being successful in what you love doing.

If the answer is “No”, and you realise that you are not good at it and probably never will be, then you don’t have to be disappointed about it but rather carry the passion as your hobby for a lifetime and discover some other areas of interests that you have and lead a happy life.