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Too-Cute Trio

Too-Cute Trio

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

This fab and thrifty set starts with a bit of constructive deconstruction on some old T-shirts and ends with an apron, a headband, and a pair of wrist warmers.


  • 2 adult-size shirts
  • Scissors
  • Child's long-sleeve shirt
  • Needle and thread or iron-on fusible bonding tape (we used Super Weight Stitch Witchery, available at fabric stores)


Too-Cute Trio - Step 1

1. For the headband: Cut a loop of fabric from an adult-size shirt's upper sleeve, close to the shoulder seam. Trim the loop slightly so that one side is a bit narrower than the other. When your child wears the headband, the narrow side should be positioned at the back.

Too-Cute Trio - Step 2

2. For the wrist warmers: Cut the sleeves from a child's long-sleeve shirt to the desired length. Cut a thumbhole into each cuff as shown.

Too-Cute Trio - Step 3

3. For the apron: Cut along an adult-size shirt's sides and around the neck hole as shown. For the ties, cut two strips from the back of the shirt (ours are 22 inches long by 3 inches wide). Attach a strip to each side of the apron at your child's waist level, using a needle and thread or a small piece of iron-on fusible bonding tape.