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Toddler Art Project - Off-the-Wall Art Strip

Toddler Art Project - Off-the-Wall Art Strip

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

The family refrigerator is happy to moonlight as an art gallery, but your in-house studio may be churning out more work than a couple of magnets can hold. Our kid-level display uses Velcro to make the most of a sticky situation: a small piece stuck to the back of the artwork means that it can be hung on and taken down from the Velcro-covered strip by the artist himself -- perhaps with a little help from Mom.


  • 5-foot length of wood molding
  • Tools and mounting hardware (we used screws)
  • 5-foot strip of self-adhesive Velcro tape
  • Packing tape


  1. Mount the molding on the wall at your child's height. Adhere one side of the Velcro tape to the molding, positioning the Velcro so it covers the screws.
  2. Next, apply a strip of packing tape to the back of each piece of artwork and top it with a 3-inch strip cut from the other side of the Velcro tape. (This allows you to remove the Velcro without tearing the paper.)
  3. For added sturdiness and decoration, we affixed our artwork to larger pieces of card stock before hanging them. When your artist decides to take down his work, store it in a clean pizza box.