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Tin Types

These tooled aluminum ornaments are inspired by Mexican folk art, with markers standing in for the traditional paint.


  • scissors
  • 36- or 38-gauge aluminum tooling foil *
  • folded newspaper
  • dull pencil and permanent markers
  • hole punch


  1. With scissors, cut a small rectangle from a roll of 36- or 38-gauge aluminum tooling foil.* Place the rectangle on a folded newspaper, which serves as a work surface with some give to it.
  2. Emboss the foil by drawing a design on it with a dull pencil. Add color with permanent markers (such as Sharpie brand).
  3. Cut out the shape with scissors, leaving a tab for hanging, then use a hole punch to make a hole in the tab.


* You'll want real aluminum tooling foil for this craft; regular kitchen foil won't hold its shape. We found a 10-foot roll, enough for dozens of ornaments, at