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Tin Can Knitter Mouse | Sewing Crafts

Tin Can Knitter Mouse

Total Time Needed: 2-3 Hours

Create these sweet yarn mice using a homemade spool knitter - a great way to work with bright yarn on a winter day.



Tin-can knitter


Yarn needle


Pink felt

Tacky glue

2 small buttons


1. Using your tin-can knitter, knit a 6-inch-long tube and bind it off. Cut the tube from the remaining yarn ball, leaving a 4-inch tail. Pull the tail tight to close the hole. Thread the tail onto the yarn needle, sew through your knitting a few times to secure the closure, then knot the tail's end.

2. Stuff the tube with fiberfill from the other end. Thread the other tail (the yarn's starting point, where you first wrapped it onto the knitter) onto the needle. Run the needle through loops on opposite sides of the tube's open end to close it. Sew through your knitting a few times to secure the closure, then trim the yarn.

Tin-Can-Knitter Mouse - Step 3

3. Cut felt as shown for the ears and nose. To make the whiskers, knot together two 3-inch lengths of yarn at their centers. Glue the whiskers to the nose, then glue the features in place, pinching the bottom edge of each ear. Add the buttons for eyes.