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Time Capsule Ornament | Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Time Capsule Ornament

Ages: newborn and up

Commemorate your baby's first Noel - and each one thereafter - with a tree ornament that's filled with handwritten recollections of the year. The plastic balls are easy to open, so your child can reread the notes every Christmas.


  • Fillable clear plastic ornament (ours is 80 mm)
  • Double-sided tape (we used Terrifically Tacky Tape for its extra-strong hold)
  • Rickrack or ribbon
  • Scrapbooking paper cut into strips (ours are 5/8 inch wide)
  • Small photos or other memorabilia that fits inside the ball (optional)


  1. Separate the two halves of the ball. Apply a strip of tape around the outside of the wider half. Carefully press the ribbon to the tape so that it's close to but not touching the outer edge.
  2. Write notes on the strips of scrapbooking paper, then roll them up and tuck them inside the ball. Add pictures, a photocopy of your child's newborn footprint, and other mementos, if you like. Put the ball back together, then tie some ribbon and a tag with the year written on it onto the plastic loop.