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Tiger Cake Recipe | Chinese New Year Recipes

Tiger Cake Recipe

Kids will roar with delight for this birthday cake that looks like a tiger.


  • 1 9-inch round cake
  • 2 cupcakes
  • Orange icing
  • Chocolate icing
  • 2 green candies
  • Assorted chocolates
  • Black licorice string


  1. Bake your favorite batter in a 9-inch round pan (to form the tiger's face) and two lined muffin tin cups (to make the tiger's ears).
  2. When the cake has completely cooled, set it in the center of a large, round serving platter with the two cupcakes, placed as shown below.
  3. Frost the cake and cupcakes with orange icing.
  4. Zigzag chocolate piping on the face for stripes and details and add green candies for eyes, assorted chocolates for the nose and ears, and black licorice strings for the whiskers.