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The Witch and Her Cauldron | Halloween Yard Crafts

The Witch and Her Cauldron

Total Time Needed: Afternoon Or Evening

This menacing matriarch, with her bubbling cauldron, is guaranteed to give your Halloween visitors an unhealthy dose of spook juice.


  • Red or white Christmas lights
  • A few logs
  • Large tub
  • Loosely crumpled aluminum foil
  • Green or white Christmas lights
  • Green cellophane
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Duct tape
  • 3-foot wooden dowels
  • 12- by 5-foot piece of black cloth
  • Stepladder
  • Witch mask, wig, glove, and hat
  • Newspaper
  • Long cardboard gift wrap tube
  • Red or orange cellophane


The Witch and Her Cauldron step 1

1. Create a faux fire by wrapping a string of red or white Christmas lights around a few logs. Set a large tub on top and fill the bottom with loosely crumpled aluminum foil. Lay a strand of green or white Christmas lights on top of the foil (leave the end of the cord out of the cauldron so you can plug it in later). Add a layer of green cellophane, then fill the rest of the cauldron with Bubble Wrap.

The Witch and Her Cauldron step 2

2. Make a frame for the witch by duct-taping two 3-foot wooden dowels or sticks to a stepladder, one at the back in a vertical position, the other on one side at an angle.

The Witch and Her Cauldron step 3

3. Tie one end of a 12- by 5-foot piece of black cloth around the top of the vertical dowel. Then drape the cloth over the angled dowel and tie it in place about 8 inches from the end. Pin the front of the cape closed to hide the ladder.

4. Stuff a witch mask with newspaper and set it on top of the vertical dowel. Tape on a wig and a hat, and fit a glove on the end of the angled dowel. Set the witch in front of her cauldron and tape a long cardboard gift wrap tube or stick in her glove for a stirrer. Stuff crumpled red or orange cellophane between the cauldron and the logs and plug in both strands of lights to complete the spooky scene.