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The Miracle of Positive Thinking

The Miracle of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking will help you organize much in your personal world. I am sure that you have heard about the attitude of gratitude, in case you haven’t it’s about being grateful for the things you have in what happens to you. 

Sometimes this can be really difficult to wrap your brain around and sometimes it takes a very long time to be grateful for something that seems to have no good in it at all. 

But, with time you will be able to see some and the miracles of positive thinking.

Concentrate on the good things

You can be grateful for the good health that you can see, that your morning coffee tasted wonderful, that you are able to afford to have that morning coffee, there are millions of things to be grateful for, they do not have to be huge things, and the little thing can be more meaningful. 

Keep track of your journal. If you don’t, now is a good time to begin. Schedule time every day, write at least 3 good things you are grateful for and concentrate on them. 

Whenever a negative thought creeps in your mind, replace it with one of the gratitude work you have done often. You will be thinking positive and remember to designate this journal. So, you can find it easily whenever you want to write in it or refer to it.

Reduce the amount of television you watch

While there are some very good educational and enjoyable programs on. There are more shows that eat away your peacefulness. 

Yes, I know some of these are really interesting and I watch some too but have noticed that the more heavy drama. When you will watch TV shows the less peaceful you will become. 

With the time you save not watching TV why not collect and recycle all those newspapers and magazines. Evaluate the reading material you consume. Pleasurable reading should be just that pleasurable.

The Miracle of Positive Thinking

If you leave a book feeling tied in knots, there is a message for you “many years ago I read everything I could get my hands on by a certain classical novelist who wrote about very sad lives many centuries ago. 

After some time I realized I was deeply depressed and trace this to having read only his books until I would read everything he wrote”. What an eye-opener it was.

Good Thoughts

Associate with positive thinking people. Someone wiser and associate yourself with winners that says it all, negative thoughts contribute to clutter when you are not feeling good about yourself or the world. 

It is too easy to let your physical space mirror those feelings. You can control these thoughts and the surrounding space. So, to lift yourself up is, to think positive, work through the points above to see where you fit in this picture.

If you find that some points apply to you, turn things around to see the good. The positive and the sunshine of life. 

Turn on your own light to guide you through the tunnel. If, the light at the end seems to have disappeared. If, you found this article helpful then consider commenting what you liked.