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The A-Bottle-Able Snowmen | Christmas Character Craft Ideas

The A-Bottle-Able Snowmen

This charming crew came to life when a pomegranate juice bottle reminded FamilyFun crafter Kimberly Stoney of a certain frosty fellow.


  • squat plastic jar or bottle
  • scissors and craft knife (an adult's job)
  • battery-operated tea light
  • water
  • white glue
  • brush
  • white, black, and orange tissue paper
  • small black beads, sequins, or buttons
  • ribbon


  1. To make a snowman, wash and dry a squat plastic jar or bottle (along with the pomegranate juice bottle, we used nut and spice jars, a squeezable jelly bottle, and an 8-ounce apple juice bottle).
  2. With scissors or a craft knife, cut away the container's bottom to accommodate a battery-operated tea light (an adult's job).
  3. Mix water and white glue to a creamy consistency, then brush it over the jar. Attach white tissue paper scraps and brush with another layer of the diluted glue. In the same way, cover the lid with black tissue paper scraps. Let the bottle and lid dry.
  4. For the eyes and mouth, glue on small black beads, sequins, or buttons. For the nose, brush glue over a cone of orange tissue paper, let it dry, then adhere it.
  5. Tie on a ribbon scarf and place your man over the tea light.


Cones made from printer paper form a cool recycled forest. Simply roll paper into cone shapes, tape to secure, and trim the bottoms as needed so that they stand level.