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Thanksgiving Crafts: Sugar-Cone Cornucopia

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Sugar-Cone Cornucopia

These miniature horns of plenty - which double as edible name cards - make striking party favors for a Thanksgiving table.


  • Sugar cones
  • Ribbon
  • Store-bought decorator's icing
  • Fruit-shaped candies or cereal
  • Doilies (optional)


  1. For each place setting, tie a ribbon around the opening of a sugar cone.
  2. With a tube of store-bought decorator's icing and a steady hand, squirt the name of a guest along the side of the cone.
  3. Place the cone on a doily-covered saucer. Then fill it with candies, such as raspberry jellies, fruit-shaped sweets, marzipan fruits, candy corn and citrus slices. For an inexpensive alternative, use fruit-shaped cereal. Let the goodies spill out over the opening and around the cone.