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Super-sized Rolling Stamp | Kids' Painting Ideas

Super-sized Rolling Stamp

This easy-to-make stamper lets you press one-of-a-kind designs onto paper or fabric fast. The capped cylinder - we used a mailing tube for durability - doubles as a storage container.


  • adhesive craft foam
  • cardboard mailing tube (available from the post office for about $6)
  • foam brush
  • tempera paint
  • large roll of paper (available at craft stores)


Super-Sized Rolling Stamp Step 1

1. Draw or trace shapes onto the craft foam - simple shapes and geometric patterns work well - then cut them out. Adhere the shapes to the mailing tube, leaving about 6 inches uncovered on each end for gripping the roll.

2. Use the foam brush to apply the tempera paint to the craft foam cutouts. (For a cleaner print, wipe excess paint off the tube with a damp rag.)

3. Lay the paper on a flat surface, then roll the tube along the paper, pressing lightly as you go. Let the paint dry. If you like, let the roller dry, about 15 minutes, then load it with a contrasting color and give your print a second pass.